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I just receive notice of your conference Monday in Chicago. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the first two as they arrived during the thick of tax season and there's no time for promo emails at that time. However, I am very interested in attending one of your fall programs, if possible, and hope you will send out info on them as soon as it's available so I can plan around your dates. Even though I'm in Michigan, I have still had several prospects in the industry, and currently have a client in the industry. I am very interested in attending one of your programs and look forward to it. When will the fall program be available?
Nicole Sigler, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Tax Practice Pro Inc responded on 07/08/2016

You should TOTALLY skip work Monday and come to Chicago!

We are in the process of finalizing the fall schedule. To be honest, we should have done Chicago's class in Detroit as there are more MI people coming than IL.

The fall schedule will in part be predicated on where they are voting for recreational use - that's where we get the most attendees.

Tentatively we are in CA for the week before Thanksgiving, and then in Orlando the first week of January.

Detroit is a maybe - but I will keep you posted.

john Sheeley

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