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How Many clients do you personally actually have in the marijuana industry? I am supposed to look at taking this course but I want to work with a group that actually has clients in the industry

Tax Practice Pro Inc responded on 07/09/2017

Hi Brenda -- With respect to the "Preparing" class, I (John Sheeley) has 12 marijuana tax prep clients, a handful of rep clients, and a handful of monthly accunting clients - we're in NY. My other speaker, Debi Peters, has 150+ monthly accounting clients in the marijuana industry. She does about that many tax returns. She is in WA State and has a mixture of growers, producer/processors, and retailers.

For the advanced class in Denver, we have a few speakers who have audits going on, plus a former IRS Attorney now representing marijuana clients in audit, appeals and tax court cases.

If you want to discuss please call me, 800-943-1750

John Sheeley

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